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Marijuana Seeds Canada
I49 Seed Bank

Are you looking for marijuana seeds Canada near you? I49 is a seed bank that ships marijuana seeds to all the provinces and territories in Canada. We offer discrete packaging, discrete billing and guaranteed delivery. Call 1-855-888-6452 for the best marijuana seeds in Canada. We carry feminized cannabis seeds, autoflower seeds as well as outdoor seeds, indoor seeds and other types of marihuana seeds. Trust the authentic genetics and no substitutions from I49 to supply your next garden harvest. We carry BC bud and ship to Ontario, Alberta and Vancouver Island. I49 is Marijuana Seeds Canada!

Autism UK

Petra Ecclestone Foundation
149-151 Old Church Street
London SW3 6EB UK

Autism in the UK is a serious disorder that affects many individuals every day. The Petra Stunt Foundation works hard to help these individuals and their families in many ways, such as by offering support, partnering with other organizations, and supporting autism research. The Petra Stunt Foundation makes raising awareness a huge goal; email [email protected] Petra Ecclestone Foundation