Buy Cannabis Concentrates

Why Buy Cannabis Concentrates? We’ll Give You Several Reasons:

Cannabis concentrates are the most convenient way to enjoy the positive effects from THC and CBD- and best of all, you can often choose whether you want to purchase concentrates with THC or ones that only contain CBD. At Mellow Cannabis Dispensary UK, we make it simple to place an order with us for all of your concentrate favorites. Browse the concentrates section on our site to see our full range of products.

We recommend that you buy cannabis concentrates if you’re concerned about the cost of marijuana. Concentrates go further and last a lot longer than marijuana does. Our premium cannabis concentrates can be consumed by dabbing, vaping, in a hash pipe, or by means of the newest method that has become popular in recent years: with cannabis. Many people like the additional potency experienced by crumbling concentrates on top of a pipe bowl or rolled into a joint or blunt. We have numerous concentrates in our inventory that can be used for any of the aforementioned methods.

We’re proud to carry the following concentrates in our online dispensary:

Bear OG BHO Shatter, a popular strain brought to you by Amber Brick that is a potent sativa dominant hybrid. This product is renown for its strong terpene profile that is absolutely delicious. Purchase from 10 - 50 grams.

Honey Dabs Concentrate, from Skagit Organics, a clear distillate made from mixed strains (we’re told by our customers they are expertly blended). This product is known for its high THC and unusually clear color; hence its name.

ACDC BHO Wax, from Cannasol. This product features an unusual characteristic of having a unique THC:CBD ratio of 1:20, meaning no psychoactive effects from this product but numerous positive benefits. This is the product you’ll want to purchase if you’re looking for relief from pain or a medical condition because it’s very safe to use. Tests have indicated that the CBD content of this product is as high as 19%.

Concentrates are much easier to carry with you and can be a lot more convenient to use as well. You can buy cannabis concentrates over our website without worrying about discretion. We ship in discreet, vacuum-sealed packages that are nondescript to travel through ordinary mail. Feel free to visit our FAQ section if you have any questions or concerns. You’re also welcome to call our dispensary at +44 1274 79 2470 if you’d like to speak with one of our company reps.

We take a lot of pride at Mellow Cannabis Dispensary UK in providing numerous options for payment. We accept Bitcoin payments, which are non-traceable, however if you prefer a trackable method of payment we have 3 other options available. Check out our ‘How to Order’ section or ‘Payments & Deliver’ to learn more about our procedures. Don’t take chances when ordering online, buy your cannabis concentrates from a reputable dispensary.